Monday, January 18, 2010

Turtle Cartoon: Shell of a Man

I had the idea for this cartoon after trying to come up with ideas for cartoons in general. I was having a little cartoonist mental block and used a couple of techniques that I use to get out of these blocks. There are several ways in which I try to get myself out of a block. One is just grabbing a piece of scratch paper and drawing whatever comes to mind. It does not always translate to an idea but just the act of drawing helps my mind to get unstuck.

Another way in which I try to get my goofiness flowing is to take an animal or a situation and see how many ways I can manipulate it into something that vaguely resembles a funny idea for a cartoon. This technique is most often the one that helps remove my mental blocks; in fact, it was this last technique that spawned this turtle cartoon.

I just stated thinking about turtles and what they do, how they act and what their strengths and weaknesses might be. Then it occurred to me that in a turtle relationship this type of thing probably happens. Married for a while, couple of kids and the grind of a turtle existence start's to take its toll and soon the turtle couple doesn’t recognize each other for the turtles they fell in love with. Enjoy the turtle cartoon and have a great day.

This cartoon is free to use as content for your website as long as a credit in the form of a link is given.

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