Monday, January 18, 2010

George Washington Cartoon: Has to be a better way

     I did this George Washington cartoon for a couple of reasons. One is that I thought it would be fun and make for a decent product line for my gallery. Two, I have been goofing around with doing cartoons based on history or historical figures recently which has been a result of some of the reading that I have been doing lately.

     George Washington is one of my favorite figures of the past, which there are many so I thought I would do the first cartoon with him. I was thinking that it must have been tough to write with the ink and quill or at least much tougher than writing today by comparison. I wonder how much writing George Washington and others in history would have been able to achieve if they had things like electricity for lights to replace candle light or computers and software other than a bottle of ink and quills. I guess the answer is naturally, quite a bit more.

     It was all of this thought that was bouncing around up there in my brain that led to the creation of this George Washington cartoon. I have a couple of other ideas for George Washington cartoons but those will have to keep for a later time. As always, enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

     This cartoon is free to use as content for your website as long as a credit in the form of a link is given.

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