Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine Cartoon: Laugh it up

This Valentine cartoon came to me today as a result of working on some other cartoons while listening to the news. I heard the jobless claims number come out and the media was off to the races. It was then that it occurred to me that there is no cupid in department stores or at the mall like they do with so many other holidays. Santa, the Easter Bunny and of course many dress up for Halloween but why no cupid?

That thought bounced around up there in the Medulla Oblongata for a while and then it hit me. The reason is basically what this Valentine cartoon represents. I mean really…what would you do if you saw this guy parading around the mall trying to spread Valentines cheer? Can anyone say SECURITY!

That is the most logical reason I could come up with for the absence of Cupid prior to Valentines Day. The only other thing might be that no one will dress up like this but given the poor job market….who knows what might be lurking at the mall this year.

Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day!