Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quality Cartoon: Toyota and the rest

This cartoon idea came to me a result of hearing about Toyota having issues with the accelerator pedal in some of it’s models and some of the stories that where being put out there as result of that piece of news. Then apparently Ford might have a couple of models that may have some issues with a couple of their Hybrid models was another little piece of news that hit the wire a few days later. The other auto companies seem to be untouched from these types of problems for now.

I thought about quality at that point. It used to be that American cars where quality made then it fell off a little and some foreign cars took the mantle of quality for some time. Until the slide in car sales, American made cars where doing a good job at making a come back. I guess quality is apparently a cyclical a commodity as many other things in life, at least that’s the way it looks from my view right now. Anyway, I started to think wow, its kind of like a little luck of the draw thing.

That is some of what went into the creation of the cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.