Saturday, January 9, 2010

Work Cartoon: On the Job Training

This work cartoon comes as a result of curiosity more than anything else. Most of my life has been spent doing more active work, meaning out and about moving around, except for a short stint as a supervisor, which I did not care for very much in hindsight. The one very important thing I learned from that experience is that money isn’t everything and middle management has taken on the definition of what I equate to as the 10th plain of hell, somewhere between purgatory and hell itself. If you have ever been in middle management, chances are you know the place I speak of. Anyway, given that I like to fix stuff, I thought that sitting in a cubical might be similar to my thoughts on middle management but I don’t know for sure, having never been shackled to a cubical to earn a living yet. I’m not saying I wouldn’t give it a go….I’m saying I just don’t know for sure. I have had friends who have worked in different capacities in the cubical world, some have good things to say about it and some have things, like this cartoon represents, to say about it. You know, as I think about it, if I where to try and think of some kind of cartoon that gave a more positive representation of cubical labor, I’m not sure it would be funny at all. Strange how that works…..Oh well, enjoy the work cartoon and have a great day.