Thursday, December 3, 2009

Funny Christmas Cartoons: Twilight gift for Christmas

I had the idea for this cartoon comes from a combination of things. One is, for those of you who saw my last entry about the construction worker I had sketched that was haunting me. The second was a couple of commercials that I saw on the topic of team Edward and Team Jacob as well as it being the Christmas season and without being specific about your Christmas wish list, you kind of have to be ok with the fact that you get what you get for the most part. On the subject of the whole “Twilight” thing, I have a couple of friends who are both male that have seen the movie with their families and said that it was kind of a chic-flick, at least to them. I have to say that based on the trailers I have seen, if I had the time I would give it a look not to mention the story behind the author. I think it is one of those positive “you can succeed if you want to” stories. Anyway, the cartoon came from all this stimuli bouncing around in the cartoon factory. Enjoy and have a great day.