Sunday, November 8, 2009

Funny Thanksgiving Cartoons: Turkey Taunt

I had this idea the other day while watching some goofy cartoon. I was also thinking about the upcoming holiday feast. Turkey, cranberries and the like got me to thinking about the possibility of this cartoon. The actual question was “What if Turkeys were in charge?’ what would that look like. Right about now I think there are some of you out there are probably saying to yourself “This guy has some issues.” To which I would respectfully reply “Yep, I probably do.” Anyway, I thought that Turkeys would probably just have fun with people like in the cartoon since they aren’t meat eaters so that’s how the cartoon took shape. Hope everyone has a great holiday and doesn’t eat too much. If I think of any more silly stuff to draw for the holidays I will be throwing it up for everyone to enjoy. Until that time enjoy and have a great day.

Thanksgiving Day Cards