Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funny Christmas Cartoons: Spiked the Eggnog

I had this Christmas holiday cartoon the other day after thinking about an earlier cartoon I had done concerning Santa eating cookies and milk all night. I thought about it and thought, What about eggnog? I do love eggnog during the holidays, not spiked but plain. I was thinking about Santa having eggnog rather than milk and from there I thought What if the eggnog was spiked? What would happen? Would Santa just continue to drink the eggnog like a lush or would he take a sip and decide he better not partake. The thought process was a little funnier going the lush route so then I thought what would happen after Santa got a little more jolly than usual. What would happen if he passed out at the kitchen table? That idea did not seem that funny so I backed up and this cartoon was one of the endings I came up with that seemed like it would be funny, at least for everyone but the reindeer. Enjoy the cartoon and have a great day.

Funny Christmas Cards