Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, Obama and Geithner talk inflation

I had this cartoon idea from some of the conversations about inflation and the general theory that printing money and increased spending can lead to inflation causing goods and most likely services to become inflated. Simply stated, the dollar I have in my pocket today that I use to buy something off the dollar menu becomes worth less so that same dollar menu item might cost me a dollar and a half or two dollars depending on the extend of the inflation. The item does not rise in value it just takes me more dollars to get it, that’s all. Anyway, it has been reported that the Federal Reserve has been printing money and injecting it into the system for a while now so I thought I would do a cartoon depicting a conversation between the two people who have some control over the monetary policies of this country right now, as if the inflation has already happened. Enjoy and have a great day.