Sunday, June 28, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, Governor Sanford Talks Truth

I had this cartoon idea based on watching the Governors news conference where he divulged his affair and some of the what, why and where’s surrounding it and his “disappearance”. I guess hypocrisy is one of those things that is kind of the norm in politics these days. My personal take on it could you trust a guy who apparently ran on family values, then, violates those values by doing something like this? I will take it a little further by saying that if someone is willing to betray the people he or she knows and loves, how do you think he or she could treat or violate the people that he or she represents in public office, many of which he or she has no personal relationship with? In other words, Should or could an elected official be trusted with the peoples business after making mistakes that cross certain lines? It is a question based in morality and values which by virtue depends on individuals and their own personal morals and values……so the question becomes where do the people of South Carolina and to a larger degree the Nation sit on the “Moral Compass”, so to speak? I guess time will tell what everyone is willing to put up with. Anyway, the cartoon came from the coverage as well as some conversations I had this week with friends and family. Enjoy and have a great day.