Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old Man Cartoon: Stop Staring

This old man cartoon came as a result of watching football playoffs last week. I was watching one of the games and my youngest son came in and sat down for a little while and a couple of sets of commercials had run when he asked me why al the commercials were either about Trucks, Fast Food, Beer or Male Enhancement Products. I never really pay that much attention to commercials during the breaks but obviously it is because of the target market. That’s what I told him anyway. I was laughing on the inside because I was just thankful that he didn’t ask me what Male Enhancement Products are. He got up and walked off and the next commercial was for Male Enhancement stuff. It was then that the basic idea for this cartoon popped into my head. With as much advertising focus on that issue you would think it was some type of epidemic or something. Then I thought people using this type of drug must be so grateful for this amazing discovery. Anyway, that’s the back story on this old man cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.