Monday, December 28, 2009

Funny Polar Bear Cartoons: Start the Grill

I got the idea for this funny Polar Bear Cartoon as I was drawing the Nature vs. Nurture cartoon I posted previously and because of a commercial I saw oddly enough, as I was drawing that cartoon. I say oddly enough because my ideas seem to come from different stimuli that I see and hear during my sleep hours as well as my hours awake. I do believe it is a noble thing to help the wildlife that needs help weather or not you believe that need arises as a result of or actions or not and in no way am I saying it should not be done. I just tend to look at things in a rather sarcastic way and for some reason I still can’t help thinking about the relationship between wildlife and humans as one that is and will in many cases always be one way. It is that belief that continues to give me these goofy ideas about things that may or may not happen as a result of that relationship in the context of a non-realistic cartoon world. This cartoon is one of those things that just pop into my head as a result of that thought process. Enjoy and have a great day.