Sunday, December 13, 2009

Funny CO2 Pollutant Cartoons: The Break-up

This cartoon came as a result of reading about the EPA’s decision to formally declare CO2 as a pollutant. The article talks a little about the why know and the convenient timing of the meetings in Copenhagen which according to Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, has little to do with the decision and more to do with getting things going. Whatever, maybe it did or maybe it didn’t but the article goes on to talk about who might be affected if the congress does not act on climate change legislation quick enough and the EPA is forced to start regulating CO2 emissions under the umbrella of the Clean air Act. It made reference that the auto industry would be the first to obviously be affected should the EPA decide to act. The article also says that the EPA is not really interested in regulating to the point of hurting the economy. This got me thinking about poor little carbon dioxide….all the negative press. It has got to be affecting its self esteem I would think and what of its relationship with oxygen….Is it strained? How’s are things going on an atomic level. This thought process is how this cartoon came to life. Enjoy and have a great day.