Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama Cartoons: Waffling Explained

I came up with this cartoon after the subject of waffling came up in conversation after one of my previous cartoons. It came up that it was not Obama who waffles on some of these things it is the Teleprompters and so you have it, another cartoon is born. I also did some research on the term “waffling”. Why you ask……well it just seems like a strange word to attach to someone changing their mind back and forth….that’s all. What I mean is how does a tasty breakfast dish get sucked into what has become such a sometimes derogatory name plate? Anyway, I could find all kinds of reference on who was waffling on this or that but nothing really on how it first came to be used as an “I changed my mind” term. If anyone could enlighten me on that…..it would be cool. Enjoy and have a great day.