Monday, October 5, 2009

Obama Cartoons: Obama and Ahmadinejad Talk Timetables

I got the idea for this cartoon while listening to all the media coverage of the U.N. stuff and Iran’s new but not so new facility that apparently has been known about for some time or at least the building of it has been known. Now that it is complete its news I guess. Let me see if I can follow the logic here. They are building a facility, we know they are, they know we know they are, they put a big message on the roof of it for all satellites to see and this is where they are developing a nuclear bomb……..O.K. if you say so. It just seems more likely that the development of bomb grade material would be someplace a little more secret. Who knows? Anyway with Ahmadinejad firing off or excuse me, “testing”, missle systems and the timing and all, this cartoon popped in to the front of my mind. Enjoy and have a great day!