Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cartoon Humor, “One Cool Kid” starts his modeling career.

Meet Sonny, he is a beach baby with the confidence and arrogance that has earned him the title “One Cool Kid”. His manager was able to take this title and score him some modeling deals to start with but Sonny is looking to score a movie gig just as soon as he is able to replace his diaper with big boy pants and take command of the spoon and feed himself, both lofty goals, but for “One Cool Kid”….it is just another day at the beach. His personal hero is the cool baby boy who took the world by storm on the E-Trade commercials. Take a look at some of the gear created from Sonny’s first modeling gig.

T-Shirt Greeting Card Coffee Mug Apron

The Commecial that gave Sonny the inspiration to become "One Cool Kid"

Enjoy and have a great day !