Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cartoon Humor, Meet Sir Slice-a-lot

Meet Sir Slice-a-lot, he is a noble land owner in the high country of Scotland with a passion for the game of golf. The only problem is the game does not seem to have a passion for him. After several private lessons with the best swing coaches that money could buy, he has not been able to loose his horrendous slice. Instead of spending his fortune on more coaching he has accepted the title of King of the Slice an honor only bestowed on the most atrocious masters of the slice. If you see him he will be holding his head up high as anyone of Noble blood should and look down his nose at you as if you were a peasant not worthy of a round with him but fear not, soon house tiles will break and the loud call of “FOUR” will erupt from the course ahead and you will know that at least in the game of golf you are the noble and he the peasant. Enjoy and have a great day.