Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Political Cartoon Humor, Toxic Assets

I have been watching as they announce this toxic asset plan lately and how the market, (usually a forward indicator), reacted to it. Very interesting stuff, a private public plan that is intended to remove some of the assets that are clogging up bank balance sheets in the latest attempt to free up the credit market. At first glance it looks like a great plan but I have gotten used to trying to look at unintended consequences over the past couple years. I do think it can achieve what the administration is hoping to achieve, however, it is trying to create a market where there is no current market. The derivative market that helped get us into the poor economy we are currently experiencing is an example of creating a market where there was no market. My point is simply this, if the wizards of Wall Street managed to mess it up then what in the world makes anyone think that our government has the talent to manage it. As I said the law of unintended consequences usually prevails and that is what made me think that the public will somehow get the short end of the stick or be on the hook for the whole thing as well and also gave me the idea for this cartoon. Enjoy and have a great day.