Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cartoon Humor, Homeless Based Business

I was listening to the chatter on one of the news channels while surfing the web and they where talking about doom and gloom in the real estate market and the high rate of foreclosures across the nation. They also happened to be discussing how many people are upset having their tax dollars going to helping people who got into situations were they are unable to pay their mortgage. They were specifically talking about people who put themselves in that situation by misstating income just to get into the house knowing they would not be able to sustain their lifestyle after the loan readjusted. At about the same time I happened across a Home based business ad on the web and this was the result of those two ideas crossing paths in my mind. I guess a person who was without a home and decided to start selling boxes for a profit would either one, be a real estate agent of sorts or most likely have himself a homeless based business.